• Reviewed by: cafewine  on: 2022/4/7 10:59:09
    I wish you had Sui Mai Dim Sum :( Pupu Platter?
  • Reviewed by: bahstoneycreek  on: 2021/2/2 16:59:02
    Just finished the awesome dinner. I wanted to thank you and let you know that 10 of us could not have been happier and have enough for another night And the sofa was a great surprise thank you, Paula (Bah)
  • Reviewed by: mariel.rothman  on: 2021/1/7 7:36:51
    Hi there! I just called to discuss a Doordash partnership with you. We have a new self-delivery option that offers an option for you to receive orders from us but your team delivers it. It is low cost and an easy way to increase order volume. I would love a few minutes to chat with you about it. Doordash has the largest marketshare in your area and we can drive stronger volume than Grubhub. Mariel
  • Reviewed by: kwerner7737  on: 2020/4/3 15:50:16
    Was disappointed tonight. Order was very good - except my husband’s chicken chow mein. More than half the plate was rice - hardly any chow mein. Very disappointed.
  • Reviewed by: mmmotorrepair  on: 2020/4/21 9:14:15
    We order lunch her usually once a week and have always been pleased. The lunch containers are stuffed full of food. Definitely get your moneys worth. Some of our employees have also had home delivery and said it is always delivered prompt and delicious.
  • Reviewed by: jcpuryear72  on: 2020/3/7 18:48:34
    The absolute best Food in frederick. I've been going here for years, and have NEVER been disappointed!!!!!!!!!
  • Reviewed by: wilma.price  on: 2019/2/24 19:43:00
    I paid $12.40 for the special dinner, Chicken & Broccoli, small Won Ton Soup, Pork Fried Rice, and Pork Egg Roll, however, your Restaurant did not include the Pork Fried Rice and Pork Egg Roll that were supposed to be included. Am I due any refund for the missing food items? If you change a customer's order, the customer should be informed. The Order tonight included Chicken & Broccoli, small Won Ton Soup, White Rice, and bag of crispy noodles. I must also let you know that the Chicken & Broccoli were much too soupy. I've ordered this dinner item twice before and the food was very good then.
  • Reviewed by: hklym  on: 2018/9/2 18:57:09
    My family would not order Chinese from anywhere else. Been having your food delivered and eating in for over ten years. Do wish you would try your little lunch buffet again. Keep up the good work. Hank
  • Reviewed by: trinull  on: 2015-11-27T07:14:12
    Would love to see you open your lunch buffet back up. It was a great little spot.
  • Reviewed by: lhawth  on: 2015-11-24T07:24:38
    why do you not have Lemon chicken as a lunch special? I LOVVVE that!!
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